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User identity

With this endpoint you can verify a user if they select an AppCMS page that links to an external website. Managers can add {{useridentity}} to a link. Bundeling will replace {{useridentity}} with a token that is unique per user as GET parameter. This token is a onetime token that can be verified using this endpoint. On condition that the token is valid, this endpoint will tell you who this users is by providing a user_id. This user_id can then be used in the “Users” endpoint to get all the information including the “External reference field” in which you can store your external ID.
  1. Manager creates AppCMS link, containing the replacement tag {{useridentity}}, for example https://thirdparty.com/tickets?bundeling_token={{useridentity}}
  2. Bundeling replaces {{useridentity}} in the link, with a user unique token: https://thirdparty.com/tickets?bundeling_token=AB7658CD87
  3. User clicks AppCMS link and navigates to https://thirdparty.com/tickets
  4. thirdparty.com sends a POST request containing the token, AB7658CD87, to https://api.bundeling.com/V1/user_identity
  5. Bundeling will provide user_id
  6. thirdparty.com sends a GET request to https://api.bundeling.com/V1/users/:user_id
  7. Bundeling will provide user data (including external reference)
  8. thirdparty.com checks external reference and creates a logged in session for the user
Verify a user identity token.

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