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Obtaining your API key

Authentication is done via an "api-key" header containing your API key. An API key is linked to IP addresses, this means that when you try to access the API from an IP address that is not registered to your API key, access will be denied. To obtain an API key bound to one or more of your IP addresses, please contact your Bundeling manager.

Some API keys require extra user authentication. In order to acces all the endpoints you will first have to log in using a username and password through the "LOGIN" endpoint. More information on this endpoint can be obtained by clicking "Login" under "Endpoints" on the left side of this page. Please note that API keys that require user authentication have less privileges in some of the endpoints.

Passing your API key in the request header

Your API key will have to be present in the header of every request sent to the API. The expected header key is "api-key".

User authentication required?

To quickly see if a method requires user authentication or not, we've added icons to every method.

Methods available with user authentication

Methods available without user authentication


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